La Nuova Era – Arpa 1gr

Nice, compact powerful!!!


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Sanremo Opera – The Revolution

The most stunning machine ever


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Biepi Maya

Patented multifunction machine for hot chocolate and cold beverages such as milkshakes, iced coffee and more.

MAYA is extremely simple to use. For a cupof hot chocolate just fill the provided jug with whole milk, add a sachet of powdered chocolate and, without stirring, place the jug on the machine support. Press the button 1 and in a few seconds you will obtain a perfect thick hot chocolate.

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Wide range of high quality hot chocolate. Classic, white and flavoured.

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Antico Eremo hot chocolate from Italy. Displayer of 6 boxes containing 10 monodose bags each. Classic, gold, dark, white, chilli, orange and cinnamon, amaretto, different flavours white

We have a whole range of delicious hot chocolate in different flavours! Orange & Cinnamon, Amaretto, gold, white, dark, and a lot more!

You can prepare it the traditional way or instantaneously with our machines made in Italy, combined with coffee and cappuccino or any other drinks you like! Perfect for bread and breakfasts and cafes who want to offer a wider range of drinks.

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