Intense Sensation

The Doge Nero blend was created by selecting a base of Arabica coffees from the Alta Mogiana region in Brazil and from Central American and Caribbean plantations and uniting them with a washed Indian Robusta coffee, Kaapi Royal. All of the single origins are roasted together to achieve a uniform aroma. Once brewed this blend expresses a grand personality with an intense and persistent aroma and a refined chocolate aftertaste without any bitter tones.


1 thought on “Intense Sensation

  1. Making a great espresso is easy, you just need to follow some simple rules: 7grams of ground coffee in the portafilter -or 14 for two espressos, not 20 like some cafes do-, the right tampering pressure, 9bar pressure water coming out of the machine at the right temperature (90-92 degrees).advanced machines like #sanremo #tcs #verona #roma and #Verde for example will make sure water temperature stays constant to always achieve a perfect cup of espresso. The right grinding finesse is also important. If these simple steps have been followed, you should obtain 25ml in 25 seconds, that’s what you want…espresso is served! And remember, very important, keep you machine clean and in good order, and run water before inserting the portafilter in to get rid of the previous brew residue.

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